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+44(0)203 556 0984

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Monday to Sunday 9am to 11pm

At "The London mobile massage" we provide you with those calming moments to help you escape from today’s frantic and busy life.
You book, we arrive to give you a blissful massage in your environment, home office or hotel in London, to help you gain relaxation or energy for the next part of your journey.

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Our aim is to bring you "a moment of calm in a frantic world"

The team at The London Mobile Massage want you to receive the treatment that is suitable for you, our experience means that we know how to create and deliver the right programme to suit your needs. You can be confident that working with us will be easy and stress free.

Mobile massage

Given some of the main benefits of massage, many people prefer to have a therapist come to them to perform the treatment as opposed to visiting the therapist. Amongst other things, this type of treatment has the benefits of allowing you to remain in your own environment with which you are most comfortable, to avoid the pre and post stresses of travelling to the therapist to receive your massage and of course to retire directly to a place of rest immediately following your massage. Therapists can perform the treatment on the floor or the bed. Mobile massages are particularly popular in big cities around the world such as London and New York where life can be more hectic.